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Craziest Things Actually Sold on The Black Market

The Black Market is a blanket term that refers to the sale of illegal, immoral, or contra band items in exchange for money all across the globe. The black market is basically everywhere – from dark alleys to stores selling bootleg iPhones to secret websites on the deep web. When you picture items sold on the black market, you probably imagine your classic gangster wares and accessories – guns, drugs, and sex. However, if you scratch beneath the surface, you’ll find that a lot of what you can buy on the black market is even stranger. Social Security Numbers with Great Credit Scores.

Have you ever been denied a loan, or the lease on an apartment, because you had a lousy credits core?It’s a problem thousands of Americans with credit card debt experience every year. However, like any enterprising businessmen, hackers on the deep web are eager to swoopin and offer a solution for a shockingly affordable price.

Companies like Equifax have been known for experiencing data breaches that leave the personal information of tens of millions of Americans vulnerable. Hackers can take advantage of situations like that, skimming the breaches for social security numbers attached to great credit scores – typically 750 and above. They then take these social security numbers and sell them on the deep web, often for as low two dollars apiece. This seems almost like a Robin Hood scheme for people with low credit scores, but it’snot quite as fun for the people getting their identity stolen.

For all you know, your social security number might be on one of these sites right now. Human Body Parts We’ve all heard the classic urban legend:After a night of heavy drinking, you wake up in a bathtub full of ice with a scar in your abdomen. You’re also minus a kidney. The question rarely asked is “what happens to that kidney after the story ends?” Well, unless you’ve had a run in with Hannibal Hecter, chances are your kidney has ended up on the black market. If you’re someone in need of an organ transplant, you’re already aware that the waiting lines for getting a new heart, liver, or kidney are incredibly long. And time is a luxury that a lot of sick people can’t afford.

Once again, entrepreneurial black market salesmen enter, stage left. The black market organ trade is a truly booming business, often trading in up to 1. 7 billion dollars every year. In 2014, almost five thousand Americans died while waiting for an organ transplant, and that’s just a fraction of the people suffering from delays in transplantation. This is a product with an extremely high demand, and only 10% of that overall demand is met legally. This makes body parts one of the black market’s hottest sellers.

Laundry Detergent When you think of illegally-distributed liquids,you probably picture 1920s bootleggers moving liquor in speedboats off the coast of New York. What you probably don’t picture are thieves stealing bottles of Tide laundry detergent and selling them at obscenely marked-down prices to turn a profit. The so-called “Tide Bandits” fill up shopping carts with laundry detergent, and then bolt out the door before anyone has a chance to stop them. These bottles of detergent are then sold off to the general public or convenience stores.

This is part of a larger trend referred to by some as “organised retail crime”, or ORC. Groups of organised criminals employ well-paid crews of career shoplifters to obtain millions of dollars of commercial products every year. Each shoplifting session often plays out like a mini-heist movie, with distractions, misdirection,and a final score. The result? The cheapest spin cycle you’ve ever had. This seems like a bizarre thing to buy illegally when you could just get it from the store,but laundry detergent is among the more expensive over-the-counter products people regularly buy.

Tide products also regularly fund the drug habits of the sellers, and the circle of crime keeps on turning. Sand Next time you’re at the beach, making as and castle, consider that some people would happily shoot you in the face to take it. That’s because there’s a violent black market around sand. Sand and gravel are two of the most extracted minerals on earth, thanks to their incredible usefulness in construction, with up to 59 billion tons of both being mined every single year.

China and India in particular are experiencing an infrastructure construction boom, meaning the demand for sand in the East is even higher. However, sand is a finite resource, and construction booms all around the world have rapidly depleted it. Specifically, sand from around water sources and riverbeds are the supplies in high demand,because desert sand grains are too round to be effectively used in construction.

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