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The Place Even Weirder Than The Mariana Trench

Ever since Jaws hit the silver screen in nineteen-seventy-five, people the world over have been terrified of creatures in the Atlantic Ocean. Since then, countless movies, TV shows, and games have tried to cash in on this deeply rooted fear. Deep Blue Sea, Deep Rising, Underwater, Leviathan, Virus, The Abyss, and The Meg have all been based around the idea that monsters lurk in the depths. And in the popular video game Sub nautica, the entire premise is based around exploring the deep ocean with futuristic diving gear, and cataloging the strange creatures below. It may seem like chasms deep within the ocean, containing life that looks downright alien to us, belongs purely in the realm of fiction. But these places and the bizarre creatures that live there are very much real.

We’re gonna find out what it is, how deep it is, and the kind of strange life you might find down there. So, hold your breath and get ready, we’re about to dive in. No pressure. Well, actually, it’s over eight-hundred times the pressure at sea level which would squash your head like a ripe melon, but don’t let that bother you. As the name suggests, the Puerto Rico Trench is a giant oceanic trench on the boundary of the Caribbean Sea.

The trench is almost 500 miles/800 kilometers long – that’s practically a fifth of the width of the continental United States. It’s also got a maximum depth of almost 30,000 feet/8,376 metres – for context,that’s the length of about eighty-three football fields. The floor of the trench is referred to as the “Milwaukee Deep” and sometimes the“Browns on Deep. ”If you descended this far below the surface of the ocean without adequate protection,you’d be crushed like a tin can. The origin of the trench can be traced back to the Cenozoic era, and some scientists speculate that it’s been open for around seventy-million years.

This means it could have shared the earth with creatures like the velociraptor and thetyrannosaurus rex. There are a few different curiosities to be found in the Geography of the Puerto RicoTrench. One is a complex fault system known as the Bunce Fault – after its discoverer, Dr. Elizabeth Bunce – which is not unlike the San Andreas fault in California. There was also a large underwater mud volcano discovered almost twenty-six-thousand feet deep into the trench, capable of spewing over six miles of molten mud. Another strange and fascinating detail about the trench itself is the trench’s negative gravity anomaly, dubbed by some as the greatest of its kind anywhere in the world.

NASA studies have shown that the bottom of the trench has a strong downwards pull, as though the mass beneath the trench is creating its own force of gravity. This is partly why studying and exploring the trench has been a nightmare in the past.

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