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A Silver Wedding Dress For The Special Event

A silver wedding dress is not common. It is usually the preference of the bride if she likes silver or not. The definition of silver may also be wider than you think since some brides consider very light gray colors as silver.

Choosing silver can be widely viewed as a brave choice to make especially if you are getting married for the first time. We all know that the large majority of brides pick white or ecru as the main color for their wedding gown.

Other brides might also want to accent their wedding gowns with a particular color to make it more beautiful and striking.

So Why Would You Want To Choose A Silver Wedding Dress.

It goes without saying that the primary reason will be that the bride prefers this color to any other. Other reasons could be that the dress is a family heirloom or that the wedding motif has a main color of silver and the dress should complement this.

Yet another reason why brides choose to wear a silver wedding dress is that they might be celebrating their silver wedding anniversary. The 25th year of marriage is the year that is considered the silver wedding anniversary of couples. Silver is the color for the celebration of the 25th year. Brides who wish to celebrate their 25th year by renewing their vows can wear a silver wedding dress, if they want.

There is a move towards brides seeking a degree of uniqueness to their weddings and therefore a move away from a traditional feel. Having a silver dress (or any color other than white) certainly is unique. Consider that silver can cause flashbacks when a photograph is taken as the fabric does tend to shine.

We all know that black is a great color for making you look slimmer however silver can make you look heavier so please bear this in mind.

Although grooms may disagree the bride is the center of attention and wearing a silver dress as they walk down the aisle will certainly bring this.
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