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The 7 Most Isolated Communities On Earth

These are some of the most isolated communities on earth, but please wait until you hear how crowded this island is!

7-La Rinconada

This is a veritable gold mine, but we will talk about it later. La Rinconada is located at an altitude of 3 miles (163.7 thousand feet). About 50,000 people live here. This is a secluded town, and there are not many people except the residents living there.

Passengers must prepare for altitude before ascending. At the altitude of the town, if tourists are not fully prepared, they usually experience illnesses such as altitude sickness, headache, nausea or shortness of breath.

The town used to be just a temporary settlement. But in recent years, it has developed rapidly. From 2001 to 2009, the population of the town has increased dramatically by 230%! why? Because there is news that the town sits on a literal gold mine. In the early 2000s, when the price of gold rose, miners swarmed to try to get rich. However, these desires come at a price.

Miners and their families must endure extreme conditions every day. La Rinconada's economy revolves around mines because gold is almost the only resource in the city. The crazy thing is the work arrangement between the workers and the company that owns the mine. Miners work for one month without salary.

However, after a 30-day shift, we welcome them to leave the mine to carry as much ore as possible. Of course, it should be noted that there is no way to tell them how much gold (if any) is in the ore that dragged the ore back into place. It's all luck! Even crazier is the town itself. For a town inhabited by thousands of people, it still has no running water or sewage treatment system!

In such a short period of time, city planners are completely unprepared for promising miners. It has never been expected that there will be permanent city services. There is no running water or sewage treatment system, which also means that there is no garbage service. Residents either buried the garbage or burned it on the streets! Obviously, many residents will throw away garbage at random. Despite the terrible situation and poor pay structure, the population is stable.

The Peruvian government does not seem to want to control the situation. The mining company obviously does not want to destroy its actual free labor. As long as gold keeps coming, the highest city in the world will stay.

6- St. Helena

Saint Helena is easily one of the most remote places in the world. It is so isolated, the journey itself is a journey! As early as a few years ago, it only took 7-14 days to reach this British overseas territory! For example, to reach St. Helena from London, this is what you need to do. First, you must fly to Cape Town, South Africa, which takes about 12 hours of direct flights.

Then, you will have to take a boat to the island for 5 to 7 days, because it is basically located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! But thankfully, this island now has an airport, so it's much easier to get there! However, this does not mean that people actually go to many places. At present, its nickname is the most useless airport in the world, but the British government hopes to change this situation with its $ 375 million investment.

Tourism is exactly what St. Helena needs. The British government can not only stop providing assistance to the islanders, but also allow them to start new businesses. There are nearly 4,500 residents on St. Helena. The average annual income is only more than nine thousand dollars! If tourism takes off, it will change the lives of people on the island. What's the matter on the island? Okay, there is a 45 square mile exploration area

This is a lost paradise because there are very few tourist activities on the island. The island is basically free of damaged natural environments, and ecosystems range from rainforests to deserts. Its waters have many opportunities to watch whales and dolphins.

This island is where Napoleon was exiled! This is the most promising place in the tourism industry. Saint Helena currently has a small number of French tourists who came to visit the ruins associated with the former emperor of the country. These attractions include Longwood ’s former residence where Napoleon lived until his death in 1821.

Another location is The Briars, his first residence on the island. Before his body was repatriated, he was buried in the Grave Valley. It is an interesting fact that Napoleon ’s estate is actually directly managed by France and enjoys an extraterritorial status. The French national flag is raised on these estates, and France has consuls on the island to protect their property!

5- Palmerston Island

Palmerston Island is known as the island at the end of the world! This is a small island in the Pacific, and the supply ship visited twice within a year! That's because the total population is only about 60 years old. In fact, most residents are William Masters, descendants of a single man who settled on the island 150 years ago! Palmerston is part of the Cook Islands and one of the few islands connected by coral reefs surrounding the waters of the Central Lagoon.

But in the entire area, the reef is too high in the water to allow the seaplane to land. Outside it, the ocean is too rough. Ordinary helicopters cannot fly anywhere. So the boat ride is the only way out! The extreme journey prevented all but the most determined tourists from reaching the island. This is just a small piece of land surrounded by thousands of miles of ocean.

If you have been to this island, the only thing you will see is the locals. This island accepts all the basic facilities that are very limited. The island has only a few hours of electricity a day, which means that there are only a few hours of internet per day. In addition to exports, government work is the main source of income for Palmerston residents. The three directors and representatives of the Island Council are managed by the local government.

The National Government essentially provides compensation for the islanders ’autonomy! However, for many Palmerstons, fishing accounts for most of the time. Fish is their only export and staple food. Locals also grow starchy staple foods such as taro and sweet potato. To further supplement Palmerston's diet, they also raise pigs and chickens.

No matter what they do not earn, they will get it from the supply ship! However, what these guys failed to buy from the supply ship must be some crazy exotic foods, such as puffer fish or Hakarl, which are fermented sharks! For some residents, Palmerston's isolation is the reason for leaving.
Between 1950 and 1970, the population was as high as 300, but now only in the 1960s. With such a small number of residents, many young residents want to travel to cities with more modern lives hundreds of miles away. But most importantly, there are more potential spouse choices!

4- Whittier, Alaska

The town of Whittier in Alaska is probably the most remote and difficult to reach town in the United States! The only way to reach Whittier by land is through a 2.6 mile tunnel. And, if you want to reach Whittier through the tunnel, you will have to arrive during the day because the tunnel is closed at night! In addition, the tunnel takes turns in the opposite direction every 30 minutes. The total population of the town is about 220 people! So how did the town become?

The US Army built the Begich Tower and Buckner Building as a residential base used during the Cold War. When the Army decided that the Alaska outpost was not needed at all, it basically abandoned the building. Residents who stayed behind just took over the building! However, these days, the Buckner Building has been idle. Interestingly, Begich Towers and Buckner Building are the tallest buildings in Alaska at some point! One of the reasons why few people live here is because of the weather.

Winter winds can easily blow at 80 miles per hour, and snowfall can be as high as 55 feet per year. This is why almost all residents live in a large building called the Begich Tower. These towers can meet all their needs under one roof. That's why Whittier's nickname is ... "A small town under the roof", where there are laundries, convenience stores and health clinics, even a church in the basement and a police station on the main floor!

Commercial fishing and tourism are also staples of the town. According to the town's website, the annual visitor population actually exceeds 700,000. That's because there is actually a cruise ship that can visit the town by sea! If you want to visit and spend the night, the two top floors are June ’s Whittier Condo Suites. Resident June Miller used binoculars to put glasses on all her beds and breakfast room. Many residents use binoculars to watch natural wildlife. But according to June, they also use binoculars to find out if their wife or husband is in a local bar!

3-Supai Village

Imagine a place where you still receive mail. That is the village of Supai, the only town left in the United States to receive mail this way! Despite being one of the most visited places in the United States, the Grand Canyon area of ​​Arizona still has a secret town at the bottom of Havasu Canyon. This is the only town in the Grand Canyon, at a depth of 3,000 feet! The only way to get to Supa is by walking, helicopter or muzi. That's why mail is still sent in the old fashioned way! All residents received emails through the "mule-train".

That is a series of packages with packages and letters! Supai is home to the Havasupai tribe, which is the smallest Indian tribe in the United States with a total population of only about 600. But of course, they must fight for their right to retain their land.

In the past ten centuries, tribes have cultivated and hunted in the canyon. But today, the tribe is known for its traditional cultural life and iconic coiled baskets. According to the latest census, only more than 200 people live in Supe. The secrecy of the village and the waterfalls of the Havasupe River are the two main factors in the growth of Supe ’s tourism. Visitors can stay at Havasupai Lodge, or just do it in a more traditional camping style.

Although tourism accounts for a large proportion of the village ’s income, visitors are constantly reminded that the area is at the mercy of nature. Flooding is very common! In a big storm in 2010, 143 tourists had to evacuate and three pack horses were driven away. It took the village several years to carry out post-flood maintenance!

2-Santa Cruz de Ilot

Santa Cruz Island Ilot Island is an island full of adventure, excitement, joy and vitality. Why is that island? That's because it is an island with more than 65% of the young population! The island is located in the San Bernardo Islands of Colombia. On the island, there are about 1,200 people living on an island with two football fields in the middle of the Caribbean!

This is easily one of the most densely populated islands on earth! The houses are built very close to each other because the space here is very valuable. The island is packed with about 115 houses. The economy is based on fishing, services and a small amount of tourism. Many locals work in luxury hotels on neighboring islands. People living on the island are very satisfied with their way of life, they live according to their own conditions and pace.

For example, the nightlife on the island is iconic, because people often party a lot on the island, sometimes as long as 3 days! But Santa Cruz de Iloste is also very poor. This means that there are usually problems in dealing with garbage and pollution. But interestingly, because of this poverty, the crime rate on the island is basically zero. Compared with the high crime rate in other large poor towns, this is definitely a big difference.

The house is open, but there are almost no cases of robbery or theft on the island. The reason is because there is a strong community spirit here. Anyone who needs help can rely on the support of neighbors. Therefore, there is actually no need to steal things. In addition, in such a small community, people will always find the answer! This is why the locals decided not to have any police on the island.

They actually believe that having police on the island will only make the situation of the residents worse. As for the future of the island, there are concerns that the island will disappear as sea levels rise. But despite this, the people are still proud of living there. They claim that it is not just people living on the island, but also because it is a culture and a way of life. They don't want to be anywhere else. Well, that is the older generation. The Internet has enabled the younger generation to learn more about things on the island. Obviously, many of them plan to leave the island to make a living outside the island!

1 – Longyearbyen

Longyearbyen is only 800 miles from the North Pole and is a small town in northern Norway. It is said that this is the northernmost town in the world. The town is deep in the Arctic Circle, and there is no sunlight for less than four months a year!

Considering that this is the northernmost town in the world, the temperature here is actually absolutely cold. Because the average temperature dropped to 6 degrees Fahrenheit in February, it was very cold and it was difficult for people to live. However, this still cannot completely prevent people from moving there! In the first half of 2019, 121 people moved to Longyearbyen! This is the largest growth of the town since 2009.

It seems that a cold is not enough. People have to deal with polar bears in the town. This is why the town government encourages residents to carry guns at all times! How did that town start? It used to be a coal mine town. In fact, it was not until the first time around 1926 that it was called the "city for many years." This is because the town was established and named by John Munro Long year.

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