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Top 3 Cool Cookie Facts For Cookie Addicts

There are some foods that conjure up deep, comforting emotional reactions and others that are linked to bad memories and even though your palate may have changed, those memories won’t go away. Semolina pudding, which is a great favourite for many, makes me cringe as it reminds me of awful boarding school food. It was often served after a tasteless (possibly disgusting) main course and for me it became the straw that broke the camel’s back. Once I skilfully threw it out the dining room window without being caught!

However when I think of cookies my reaction is altogether different; cookies equal pure, unadulterated bliss. The mere mention of cookies makes me feel happy, loved, warm inside and out, and I get a glowing feeling of contentment and safety. The smell of cookies opens up that place in my mind where the happiest of memories are kept. One or two whiffs of cookies baking and the pictures of happy family moments from my childhood flood in. Special childhood moments then mix with more recent visuals – there I am, tucked up by a roaring log fire, snuggled up to my gorgeous boyfriend, while both of us wait for the moment when the batch of cookies are ready!

Once the cookies are ready, I am transported into a blissful universe, where each bite seems meaningful and special, and explosions of tastes and emotions envelope me in a happy trance. I am open about being a cookie addict! I have truly come out of the cookie closet!

For other cookie addicts, you may be surprised to know that cookies are not an American invention; they are in fact a Dutch test cake. Dutch cooks used to test the oven temperature before baking a big cake with little test cakes. These test cakes were small cakes and the name for one of these in Dutch was “koekje” which means little cake.

Some Cool Cookie Facts

  • Did you know that Americans consume over two billion cookies per year?

This means that the average American eats 300 cookies per year. Of course this is a mean average and there will be some Americans eating less than this (or even no cookies) and others eating more.

  • Did you know that many peoples’ all time favourite cookie, the chocolate chip cookie, was invented by accident?

The story goes that Ruth Wakefield, a Massachusetts innkeeper, ran out of nuts when she was baking cookies. She improvised and added it some baking chocolate instead that she apparently broke into pieces whilst adding it to the mix.

  • Did you know that the earliest cookie style cakes are considered to be Persian?

As Persia was one of the first lands to cultivate sugar, it is thought that cookie style cakes can be dated as far back as 7th century Persia.
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