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Negotiation assists standing over Corona virus.

Currently, Coronavirus is the severe pandemic that is trying to engulf the whole world creating a massive economic crisis. Due to that, the rate of unemployment is increasing while keep watching. Most of the employees have to bear up the decisions of the employer even though they are not fair.

In that case, employees have a right to negotiate with their employers for their own well-being. No one should hesitate to negotiate. Because, it is a right of an employee. Negotiating for better pay, health care and other benefits will ease the life of the employees during this worst time period.

Financial dropdown leads to negotiation.

The Jobs Report published in April reveals that Coronavirus pandemic causes for losing 2.5 million jobs and rising of the unemployment up to 14.7% in the US. Negotiations reveal the difficulties of the employed and unemployed individuals during this unexpected pandemic time period.

Alexandra Carter, a law professor at Columbia University and author of ‘ Ask For More’ revealed to Yahoo Finance’s “The First Trade” about the right that employees having to negotiate with employers asking for payments or benefits. Even though the Coronavirus pandemic has hit the economy letting financial complications, employees are free to negotiate according to the view of Carter.

It is not a secret that most of the companies run very difficult in this time period. Therefore, Carter advises people to argue about the success of the investments as this is the time to spend every single dollar in an intelligent manner. She believes that this advice may be helpful to save cash flow or earnings. As she says, one’s experience is a support to achieve additional force in the negotiation procedure.

Main stems of negotiating.

Carter points out five keys that one should know when negotiating. They are as follows;
  • If you are asked to take a leave for a period of time, you should negotiate with your employer.
  • You should negotiate about the benefits you are going to have and a fixed date for your arrival back to work.
  • Though the economic crisis has affected the employers; be free to negotiate your salary when searching for a new job.
  • You should give priority to yourself and should not agree for anything less worthy to have.
  • You should negotiate with your own self to identify your future aims.

The act of negotiating.

According to Carter, selecting the correct time is the most important fact. If you want to stand against this economic drop-down, you have to justify your request. Further she says, when you reach your goal with your talents, take a huge effort to search your chance.

Due to the lockdown; most of working schemes are running through the ‘working-at-home’ concept. That concept confuses the act of negotiating. Because the employees don’t have a chance to negotiate with the employers face to face.

Carter shows a solution to this. She thinks making a video call with the employer to negotiate when you need is better. She believes a video call is better than a voice call because the more we see through our eyes we tend to believe.

During this pandemic situation; employers may be not able to accept your negotiations regarding payments. But as Carter says, you are free to negotiate other benefits such as leaves, health benefits, and employers view towards employees after this lockdown.

Because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic; the economy of the country is in danger. As employees, to win this economic crisis, you should negotiate with your employers. So that, you can ask for a reasonable payment or any other benefit. As an employee, you should be free to negotiate with your employer being within the frame of the act of negotiating.

Though you are in a schedule of “working-at-home”, you should contact your employer through a video call to negotiate when you need it. The video call may be fruitful than a voice call. Further, when your employers are not in a condition to fulfill your negotiations regarding payments and increments; you can negotiate for any other benefit. Though this is a pandemic situation, as an employee you have a right to negotiate.
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