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How to Learn from Home Efficiently During Pandemic

Some universities and libraries are open during this pandemic with unique opening hour, such as Utah State University or USU Library hours that is being adjusted to accommodate online learning. However, most of the studies and lectures will be done online.

The home lecture is completely a different thing. Some people find themselves not suitable for this studying manner. No, do not give up just yet! Here are tips to make you effective while doing online lectures from the comfort and safety of your home.

1. Create a reminder of online lecture schedules

Doing lectures at home does not mean you forget your obligation to be a student. You must remember and record the lecture schedule online that has been given by your lecturer. Usually, every online lecture is always given attendance so the lecturer can check your attendance at the online lecture. So, don't underestimate it. You might get a reprimand if you underestimate it, you know.

2. The discipline of time in gathering tasks

In addition to checking the schedule of online courses, you are also very obliged to record the schedule of gathering assignments given by your lecturer. Usually, when you do an online system, you must be on time to collect the task. Because all systems are listed online, there is no tolerance if you are late to collect assignments.

3. Listen carefully to the online lecture material that is delivered

Being at home does not mean to make you do whatever you want while doing lectures. You should be more enthusiastic and always listen carefully to all the recovery materials provided by your lecturer. Not only that, but you also have to do high concentration so that your online lecture material can run effectively.

4. Note the important things about lecture material

Not just listening, you are also required to note all the important things in the lecture material. Thus, even though the lecture is held in the online system, but you are still able to get important points when delivering online material. Plus, you can visit some library. USU Library hours start from morning to afternoon. You can go there and get yourself some more materials.

5. Find a room that makes you comfortable and highly concentrated

You must be hard to concentrate when doing online lectures. Some things can distract you when your online college goes on. Well, therefore, you should find a location in your residence that is comfortable and can certainly make it easier for you to concentrate on the lecture.

Again, some libraries are open even during this pandemic as support for learners throughout the world. One of them is Utah State University or USU Library. You can visit the website to find out USU Library hours to find out when they are open. Once you got the information, get there, and find more resources.

You can also use the USU Library private studying room. It’s free to use as long as it is not occupied.
Those are 5 tips that you can do while doing online lectures. Thus, you will carry out these activities very effectively even though everything is done from home.
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