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The banks’ capital has started reaching the peak

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the world’s economy is in a dangerous crisis. Most of brilliant economists predict drop down in the economy due to the spreading of Coronavirus and lockdown. The unemployment rate has increased and the small businesses are in a trouble-making the economic crisis worse. In such situations, banks tend to raise the capital to handle the losses that happened due to this economic crisis.

Banks’ capital requirement.
Due to losses gained by unpaid consumer loans, commercial real estate, and other reasons; huge number of banks in the US have taken decisions to raise the capital in upcoming months. To maintain the spaces in the balance sheet and to please the regulators; US banks had to raise the capital nearly up to 52.9 billion dollars this year.

According to Thomson Reuters, stock sales from around 1/3 of equity issuing of the country gained by public business companies will contribute to the raising of the capital. Sandler O’Neill of Investment Bank has raised capital nearly for about 30-40 banks within this year.

According to Senior Managing Principal James Dunne; researches reveal that around 300 banks are in need to raise the capital. Sandler O’Neill is in a sense of raising the capital in the upcoming 18 months as Dunne’s view. And he shows; well settled, strong banks are likely to repay the capital to the government and other companies who are willing to buy weak, fallen banks.

He warns the investors about the safety of the next capital that they are going to invest in. Because that investing may use to take benefits from a large alliance that goes through an FDIC function. So again he advises not to make deals up to 18 months from now.

Banks’ opinion on capital raising.
According to expert strategists; capital raising is now based on equity. As analyst Paul Millers view; FBR Capital Markets expect 1.2 trillion dollars in capital should be in the entire system. By other methods 300 billion dollars can be raised already. But there is a shortage of hundreds of billions of dollars to fulfill the necessity.

As Michael Wiseman, managing partner of Sullivan & Cromwell’s Financial Institutions group says; the capital need of banks is increasing not decreasing. So he develops peoples’ enthusiasm to raise the capital if they can do it.

As Miller says, when the window of capital opens; go through it because no one knows the time that it is going to be closed. But he doubts about the ending of the raising of the capital. Because no investor wants to see the end of capital raising.

According to the ideas of Mitchell Eitel, a partner in Sullivan & Cromwell’s Financial Institutions and M&E groups; when consumer credit and commercial real estate increase, there may be a decrease in interest of the investor. It is a big issue that many people worry about. And he believes, this is a better time for a raise of banks’ capital.

The whole world is passing a difficult time period due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The worst part of it is the dropping of the economy. Because of that economic crisis; many banks have decided to raise the capital to overcome many losses they had during this lockdown, such as unpaid consumer loans and many other reasons. Banks’ this decision has subjected to discussion of very famous and brilliant economists and strategists. They see both effective and worse results of this decision as there is a silver line in a dark cloud.

As their views, raising capital is not a process with an end. As many reports and researches reveal, a huge number of banks are looking forward to raising capital to fill the spaces in their balance sheets. Anyhow, this unexpected Coronavirus pandemic adjusted the world’s daily routine.
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