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Looking for the best laptops for digital art? Well, you better read this!

What are the best laptops for digital art? Well, if you are interested in learning digital art and probably want a new laptop for it. Here are several tips on choosing a new laptop to support your learning.

1. Screen Size

For graphic design purposes, you will probably need a laptop with wide screen size. The size of the width here is not just referring to the increasing size in inches (eg 14 ", 15.4", 16 "etc.), but rather the size of the screen resolution. Laptops that are ideal for graphic design generally have a minimum resolution of 1366 x 768, but it's a good idea to use a larger resolution like 1600 x 900.

Keep in mind that the best laptops for digital art are not the one with the biggest screen, but rather the one with a bigger resolution.

2. Graphics Card

Graphics Card, This component has a very important function especially when you want to do graphic design work such as photo editing, 3D design, and video editing. You need to note that, in choosing a laptop for graphic design, try not to choose a laptop with VGA onboard. So, make sure you choose a laptop with a decent graphic card so that you get the best laptops for digital art.

3. Processor

A laptop that easily gets hot will make it difficult for you. To produce maximum performance in doing graphic design work, you need a laptop with a fast processor. For instance, if you are looking for the best laptops for digital art, try to look for Intel Core Series processors with high GHz levels (2.4 GHz, 2.6 GHz, etc.).

 4. RAM

RAM functions to determine the working speed of each graphic design application that you use. The greater RAM capacity you have, the less likely you will get a problem where your graphic design application runs slowly or even hangs.

Choose RAM with a capacity of at least 2 GB with an operating system (for example Windows 7) that can run with 64 bits. 32 bit Windows can only read RAM on your laptop about 2 GB, so it would be very useless if your laptop has 4 GB or more RAM.

5. Temperature Management

Due to graphic design work that requires multiple applications at the same time and a maximum working component system, you may experience an event where your laptop becomes overheated. Laptops that are often used to overheated will harm you in terms of performance and durability. So, choose a laptop with a good cooling system and can do multi-tasking stably. A laptop with the best overheat prevention system is the best laptop for digital art.

6. Warranty

Laptops with the ability to qualify as graphic design certainly have a price that is not cheap. Similarly, the price of spare parts that tend to be quite expensive. Besides, graphic design work certainly requires quite a long time and the use of laptops is arguably more extreme compared to normal use in general

Choosing a laptop for graphic design does look easy at first. However, if you choose the wrong laptop spec, as a result, your graphic design work will be disrupted and in the end, will only spend your money to fix it. So, choose the best laptops for digital art wisely.
Looking for the best laptops for digital art? Well, you better read this! Looking for the best laptops for digital art? Well, you better read this! Reviewed by ViralBlossom on July 23, 2020 Rating: 5

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