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How to Find Free Journal? Try USU Library

A journal is an academic article created by researchers to discuss a particular science. For those of you who are struggling with the thesis certainly no stranger to this journal word. A journal is indeed a very strong reference that is needed is someone's thesis.

In United States, one of the most complete and huge storage of Journal is University of Utah (USU), especially in their library, which is the USU Library.

Why so? In contrast to expressing opinions, journals have chapters that explain a problem and the evidence of its statement. Therefore, every statement in the journal can be justified by the author.

Currently searching for journals is no longer as difficult as it used to be. With internet technology, there are many online journals spread in cyberspace, from national journals to international journals.
This international journal has been recognized globally, therefore this type of journal is a very strong reference in making scientific research or thesis and thesis. But there are still many who are confused about how to find the right international journal.

Please note that in cyberspace there are currently 2 types of online journals. Paid online journals and also free online journals. This time Ikelas will provide tips on how to search for international journals on the internet.

1. Find Any Journal You need at USU Library

Usually every university has a partner with a paid journal website. You here can take advantage of this facility for free in your campus environment. If you don't know how to access it, ask the campus that has an interest in this issue such as the academic department.

2. Search for International Journals on IEEE

If you have enough budget and the campus does not facilitate journals on this IEEE, you may try to subscribe to this IEEE website. IEEE or the abbreviation of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is the largest journal provider website. The journals that qualify for the IEEE are highly qualified, so this place is the most favorite place for journal writers. Unfortunately this website requires users to subscribe to be able to use its facilities. The subscription price is quite expensive, but the journals here are very useful.

3. Searching for a Journal Using the Citeseerx Search Engine

Citeseerx is a special search engine for searching online journals. With Citeseerx you can search for international journals according to the keywords you entered. Its use is very easy. But indeed the journal information data at Citeseerx is not too up to date like IEEE. But with its free use and we can directly download the file, Citeseerx is certainly quite useful for many journal writers.

4. Look for International Journals in Science Direct

Science Direct provides many free journals, but some are paid. If the journal is paid, you can pay it like you bought an item online. In terms of the journal data, in Science Direct, the journal collection is quite up to date.
Given that the last 3 sources are not giving away most of their journals for free, you need access to a place in which you can find tremendously many resources. Visit USU Library at its open hour or access it online through its site to get access to thousands of free journals.
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