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How to get good at digital art

How to get good at digital art? Well, in this modern era, many activities have been interfered with using technology. One of them is drawing/painting. Paintings that originally used brushes, now artists can draw their work through technological tools. The activity of drawing using this tool is called Digital Drawing.

The use of drawing traditionally and digitally is of course different. Therefore, it's no wonder we, as painters who use digital drawing, make some fatal mistakes that are quite simple. In this review, I will give some tips or tricks for novice digital drawing users who still feel unfamiliar with this.

1. Background Color – The Basic Knowledge of How to get good at digital art

In the digital drawing, the background color for the canvas/drawing area is white or black. Most people of course use white, so in drawing, we can see the colors used clearly. Of course, it's not wrong to use white as a background.

But, How to get good at digital art in terms of background color? Background colors can change the perception of your eyes when they see colors. For example, if you use a white background, the color will look darker than the original and vice versa. Therefore, it's better to use a background color that isn't too bright or too dark; for example gray.

2. Do You Really Have To Use That Eyedropper Tool?

Of course, you often hear the tool 'Eyedropper Tool', which is a tool that can trace the selected color. However, this tool should not be used often because even though it makes your painting better, it will not necessarily hone your skills in digital painting.

However, continually using these tools will make you extremely dependent on the reference color, which is not as good as a digital artist. So, how do you hone your coloring skills in digital art?
So, How to get good at digital art? Simply don’t rely too much on color picking tools.

The answer is that you have to be more careful in seeing it in real life. How to color the shadow of an object, the reflection of light, and so on. Then, try to apply it when you are drawing digitally.

3. The Use of Digital pen, Tablet, and Software

How to get good at digital art? It is important to say that you also need the right tool to do this.
There are tons of software for digital drawing, and you should try one at a time until you find which software is right for you. Some software that is often used in the drawing is Photoshop, SAI Paint Tool, and Clip Paint Studio. Each has different characteristics.

Besides, it would be better if you draw using a tablet pen, not with a mouse. Because with a pen tablet, the brush can detect pen pressure, where the thickness of the brush follows the pressure of your pen. Whereas on a mouse, there is no pressure brush because the mouse is used by clicking. Brush with a different thickness and size will certainly produce a more tangible work as well.

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