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Read This Before You Learn digital art

So, do you want to learn digital art? Well, today is your lucky day. In this article, we are going to talk about what to do before you even start learning digital arts. Here we are

1. The type of digital art that you want to pursue

If you have decided to pursue digital art, that is not the end of your decision. Maybe when you choose it like you open the main gate of a house or maybe a palace. Inside the gate there are many more spaces that fit your purpose and in this case is the type of digital art that you will pursue in your attempt to learn digital art.
Digital art consists of painting, comics, flat design, typography, photography and logo / brand. Digital art is not just about talent can draw something like most traditional art. Digital art is about combining the ability to use software and digital devices with art that comes from your mind to become a digital work.

2. Why do you learn digital art?

If you've got the answer to which type of digital art you want to master, then the next thing you have to do is know and carve out your goal to pursue digital art. This will be very important to prevent you from being trapped in the situation "How come just like this there is no progress, how come it feels no more enthusiasm, how come it's saturated, how come it's not clear what it wants and what".
With a clear purpose, then in every temptation you will remember your goal to pursue digital art. You will not be shaken when people look down on you or when you are not sure about yourself.

3. The media that you use to create digital art

The name is also digital art, of course we will utilize technology in making a digital art work. What media will you make through digital art? Computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone / cellphone. If you use a computer or laptop you will definitely need additional tools such as a tablet pen or mouse.

4. Suitable software to support you to learn digital art

It's not finished there, if you have decided on the right hardware, then you have to decide on the software or application that you want to use to make digital art. For example, to make comics, characters or illustrations on your cellphone or tablet, you can choose Ibis Paint, Autodesk Sketchbook, Medibang and so on. While on a computer or laptop there are SAI Paint Tools, Manga Studio / Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Medibang Paint, Art Rage and others.

5. Your inspirational digital artist, do you have any?

The last thing is no less important than the four previous tips. Make this point a challenge to never give up to step into a professional digital artist.
There are many styles that you can make inspiration from your favorite digital artists, for example, he is an expert in using watercolor styles, anime styles, realistic styles and so on.
By answering those 5 questions, you will learn digital art more effectively and efficiently. Have fun learning!
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